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Anderson Power™ Flat Plugs

Are you looking for a suitable flat connector for your industrial application or does your connector need replacing? Then consider an SB®, SBE®, SBO® or SBX® plug from Anderson Power Products.

Anderson Power™ SB® plugs

This plug is offered in SB®50, SB®120, SB®175 and SB®350 and is equipped with two main contacts. They can be paired with cables with diameters ranging from 12 AWG (3.3mm²) to 300mcm (150mm²). We can assemble the connector in-house according to your requirements. In addition, the plugs are available in seven colours, namely yellow, orange, red, grey, blue, green, and black.

The Anderson Power™ SB® series is a collection of flat plugs often used to transfer power between batteries and vehicles, as well as in trailers with a need for higher voltages.

Anderson Power™ SBE® plugs

The Anderson Power™ SBE® plugs come in three versions: SBE® 80, SBE® 160 and SBE® 320. The housing of these plugs is made of a mix of PBT and PC that is resistant to chemicals. Another feature of this plug is the ability to easily expand the two primary contacts with auxiliary contacts and/or air adapters. They are often used in the heavy duty industry, especially the SBE® 320 plugs.

Anderson Power™ SBO® and SBX® plugs

There are also Anderson Power™’s SBO® 60, SBX® 175 and SBX® 350 plugs. Their housing is made of PC only, which makes these connectors more resistant to shocks. Also, the two primary contacts can easily be extended with auxiliary contacts and/or air adapters. These connectors are often used in heavy-duty applications.

You can find more information in the PDFs below. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly help you find the connector that best meets your requirements. Would you like to have it assembled with the right cable? We specialise in performing in-house assemblies and can do this for you.





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