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Customized EV charging cables and prewired components

Custom-made is built to a specific order or specification.

Our in-house manufacturing and sourcing capabilities and a wide selection of tools, allow us the flexibility to produce cables to your specifications. From one-offs to high volumes, simple or very complex.

As an independent expert we can propose alternatives so an assembly best suits your application.

  • We can make your cables to your wishes:
  • with the connection you need
  • with cable lugs or other connectors
  • cut to exact length
  • wires dismantled
  • with markings
  • provided with cable gland to mount in the cabinet
  • with extra protection, for example heat shrink tubing

Vandapower can supply EV charging components from several brands like Phoenix Contact, Amphenol, Bender, LEM, ABB, Littelfuse, etc Of course we are not limited in our options, so we will always look for the best suitable way to source, stock and supply the right component for you.

Vandapower can assemble a standard charging cable to your wishes with the needed connectors, cable lugs, markings, provided with the cable gland to mount in the cabinet, extra protection like heat shrink tubing, etc.

We can supply you the loose components for the cabinet, but we can also make them prewired, providing you the same advantages as the custom made cables.






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We maintain a buffer stock of our products, which we use to solve your problems. Feel free to contact us about this. We’ll be glad to help you.