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Battery monitoring is something that you should not overlook. It leads to a longer lifetime which leads to lower costs.

Solving this can be as easy as simply installing a water level indicator, like a Blinky from Philadelphia Scientific. This small piece of technology will tell you when your lead-acid battery needs refilling with its LED light indicator. Blinkies have three main types, with each one being a bit more advanced than the other. It’s easy to install, leads to higher safety for the staff, and fits almost all batteries. Besides, it also leads to more cost efficiency since you only have to tend to the battery when you really have to.

Three modules are available:

  • Basic Blinky
  • Smart Blinky
  • Smart Blinky Pro

Here you can find more information about this water level indicator. If you still have any questions about a Blinky, do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable team will provide you with the information you ask for.

Also in need of other electrical components , like cables or connectors? As a one-stop shop, we can supply the components you need for your battery or charger. We make sure you receive what you need on-time so you can worry about what is really important to you.

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