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SCHALTBAU Euro-DIN connectors

At Vandapower, we have a wide range of electrical components including the entire series of Schaltbau LV Euro-DIN connectors.

These Schaltbau connectors exceed the standard requirements in many of their features and can be paired with all standard Euro-connectors. We offer

  • LV 80/120
  • LV 160/250
  • LV 320/400
  • LV 500 in both the male and female versions.

Our range not only comprises plugs, but also various accessories that can be used with these connectors. From handles to coding pins and from pilot contacts to air adapters. We can provide you with the electrical components you need or in-house assembled cable sets fully adapted to your specific requirements.

Click here for more information on the LV connectors and order codes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions. Our experts are happy to help you, and together with you, they will search for the solution that’s best for you.

Need another type of connector or components, such as battery cable? As a one-stop shop, Vandapower can offer you a wide range of electrical components. We also offer in-house assembly of harnesses that fit your requirement and are bound to strict quality procedures.

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