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Anderson Power™ PowerPole® Pak

Powerpole Paks (Anderson Power™) are black thermoplastic enclosures that can be fitted around ‘blocks’ of Powerpole plugs (10 to 45 A). They allow easy connection and disconnection of electrical equipment in commercial and industrial applications.

Cable clamps provide strain relief and integral latches prevent accidental disconnection of your equipment. The three housings – Plug With Latch, Plug Without Latch, The three types of housing – plug with lock, plug without lock and snap-in ‘female’ housing – can hold 2 to 8 circuits.

The Blindmate Powerpole Pak was developed by Anderson Power™ to meet the power supply and telecommunications industry’s demand for modular Blindmate connections. These housings permit blindmating of a 2×4 configuration of Anderson’s 15/45 Powerpole connectors as well as both the 10 Amp and 30 Amp ‘make-first / break-last’ contacts for grounding purposes.

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