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E-Mobility Motors and Drive units

E-mobility is a general group of electrical powered application such as E-scooter, E-boat, E-Kart, Golfcart , etc.

In the E mobility world the articles we offer are :

  • Motor with direct drive or gearbox
  • Motor controller integrated or separate as your request
  • Cable & cable harnessing
  • Power contactors
  • Fuses

We support you independent with technical advice in your design to obtain the best possible result. Today, electric motors form an essential part of the energy-efficient drive technology of industrial machines and electrical transportation.


In the E mobility world the main crucial components are:

  • Motor

Defining a motor is based on a lot of parameters , application , torque , speed , weight etc… Let us guide you to the best solution for your application. The motor converts electric energy into kinetic energy that moves the wheels.

  • On board Charger

An on-board charger (OBC) is used in an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to charge the traction battery. The On-Board charger system described in the material below converts the AC input from the grid to a DC input which charges the battery.

  • The Electric Power Control Unit

The Electric Power Control Unit (EPCU) is an efficient integration of nearly all devices that control the flow of the electric power in the vehicle. It consists of the inverter, the Low voltage DC-DC Converter(LDC),and the Vehicle Control Unit(VCU).








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