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Watering guns

When you have a battery room to operate, a watering gun is a piece of equipment that will make maintenance much easier. It saves time and is safer compared to hand watering lead-acid batteries. Simply connect the gun to a water hose or de-ionizer and squeeze the handle.

It is possible to add some extras that will make watering even easier. Some of the products have an automatic shutoff system, that automatically stops watering when the right water level is reached. Others come with an LED and buzzer that will warn you when the correct water level is reached. Finally, there is also the ability to integrate a flow indicator, which tells you when watering has stopped.

Click here for more information about the watering guns in our range and their ordering codes. If you want more information or if anything is unclear, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with any inquiries.

As a One-stop shop Vandapower actively stocks, distributes, and sources all battery and charger components. Therefore, If you need other watering equipment, like a de-ionizer, or another type of electrical component, ask us.

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