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Losing time and money when watering your lead-acid battery? Or experiencing watering issues? Look into the Philadelphia Scientific water injector system and find the solution for all those problems!

It’s the fastest way to fill lead-acid batteries with water. Also, it enhances safety because the battery doesn’t have to be opened, and no contact with the electrolyte is possible. The system automatically fills the battery to the desired level, which leads to longer battery life.

Het waterinjectiesysteem van Philadelphia Scientific bestaat uit een injector met een klep en doorzichtige slangen. Operating the system is very easy. You just connect the hose and open the valve; the system does the rest. A level-sensing valve makes sure the valve is closed at the correct water level. It is as simple as that.

There are two versions of the water injector system available.

  • The classic single-point systemthat fills batteries from one point.
  • TheSpider system, which fills the cells simultaneously.

Click here if you want more info about the Philadelphia water injector system, the accessories, and the ordering codes. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this battery watering system. Our experts will help you and make sure you find the system that fits your requirements best.

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