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Anderson Power™ Euro-DIN Connectors

Are you looking for a suitable connector for your industrial application or is your connector in need of replacement? Then check out these DIN-Series connectors from Anderson Power™.

These plugs are designed with ease of use as one of the key features. The E-Series is offered in E80, E160 and E320. This variety allows them to be used in a wide spectrum of applications, so there is a connector to fit any situation.

Typical applications of these Anderson Power™ plugs are charging lead-acid batteries of forklifts and other vehicles and connecting trailers.

More information about Anderson Power™ DIN E-Series connectors, matching accessories, and ordering codes can be found in the product sheet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specially trained team will be happy to help you.

Since we offer nearly all components for batteries and chargers, we can call ourselves a one-stop shop. This distinguishes Vandapower from its competitors and makes us unique. It means we can offer you an extensive selection of electrical components. Among other things, we stock many other connectors, cables, etc. In addition, there is also the option to have the connectors in-house assemblies in-house.

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